The Gibbon SSP is dedicated to providing progressive and timely support to AZA-accredited and SSP-partner institutions in order to ensure the highest standards of husbandry and welfare for gibbons in managed care. 

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Leg amputation saves life of 7-year-old siamang

In March 2019, keepers noticed that normally-active Eve was not using her left foot or leg. The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo veterinary team performed an exam and determined Eve needed immediate treatment. Later that evening, Eve underwent an after-hours surgery under the care of veterinarians from Cheyenne Mountain Zoo and the Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital. Doctors discovered a blood clot in Eve’s left leg. The damage was irreparable and amputation was necessary to save Eve’s life.

international Gibbon Day is October 24, 2019

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Let’s make International Gibbon Day 2019 one to remember!


gibbons are under threat

Gibbons are among the most endangered apes and among the most critically endangered of all non-human primate species. The current conservation status of gibbon species is alarming - all but one is listed as either Endangered or Critically Endangered by the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Habitat loss, poaching, and the illegal pet trade are the primary issues threatening gibbons.